Open Water scultpure
Water sculpture from the Pan Pac Masters Open Water Swimming event
    It's been four years since I last revamped this website. Technology has moved  on a lot since then. Recents studies estimate that in Australia there are approximately 12 million smartphone users and approximately 80% of those people use their phone to browse the internet. Then of course we have tablets to add into the mix. So now the buzzword for website design is responsiveness. In other words, does it look and read well on the smaller screen sizes. The opposite might soon apply too. I have read that at least 50% of desktop users now use wide screens of 1980 pixels or wider. Almost all websites ignore this fact and stick to the old trusted page width of around 1000 pixels. So next re-design will probably be to include ultra wide browsing (or UWB… don't know if that exits yet, must ask Siri!!). It's my first official iteration of a Blog. Not sure yet which direction I may travel with the content. Some work stuff I guess plus my own personal projects, latest purchases and reviews of same, a few tips here and there and maybe even a few spiritual pearls thrown in to inspire us all. Rants and Raves possibly, and laments for my favourite football team, Manchester United, who are, by their standards, in a serious form slump. I am hoping to take the site live in the next day or two. I expect it will still be a work in progress but it's getting to the near enough is good enough stage. Web design professionals are probably all chanting in unison: he doesn't know what he's doing, he doesn't know blah blah blah.