Don't get too excited if you are a Master Butcher. This post is all about Golf, not the art of cutting lamb. I recently got inspired again to have a few hits at my local driving range at Carrara Gardens on the Gold Coast. I hit a couple of good ones in between pulled muscles, aching hands and dented ego. Twenty-odd years away from the game was evident in every aspect of my attempt to smash that little white ball out of the park. They say it's like riding a bike: once learned, never forgotten. And it is true, somewhere under my pathetic attempts lay a once elite game. So, seeing a poster for lessons with the local Pros, I decided to call in a for a wee chat to see what they could offer me. They got me after technology. My goodness, hasn't it changed from my day. I am amazed by the huge amount of information available from the 3 D sensor pack strapped to my body and left hand. AGCP4495This may look like some sort of telemetry device for the next moonshot, but Joel Mercieca, one of the two Professionals at KDV Sports Academy, can translate all of this data and explain in layman's terms exactly what is happening with my swing. My basic understanding was that I am standing too close to the ball…after I have hit it, that is. I was very excited by the first lesson which showed me how to address the ball and how to take the club away. Out on the practice ground again and I have to say …wonderful. Except, how do I get the club back down again. After two weeks of good posture, I took the next step. That is when I got introduced to the 3D equipment. Wow! Flick my pelvis even slightly and up came the numbers on the screen in real-time, plus or minus depending on the new position. So now I found out how to stop throwing my club at the ball from the top, while initiating the downswing using my pelvis to turn instead. Couple of weeks more practice at this level brought a much higher success rate. Still some bad ones but nowhere near as many.   AGCP4477           In to my third lesson today, again with the 3D gadgetry strapped on. Learned a few drills to practice in front of a mirror at home, helping me to get the club in the right position on the way back down. Feels awkward but solid when I do hit one. Also working on creating tension with the right leg on the backswing. Here we see a screen showing the 3D animation of my shoulder turn and hip rotation with the numbers appearing on the big screen AGCP4499on the wall, courtesy of the Trackman software system. TrackMan A/S is a Danish technology company that develops, manufactures and sells 3D ball flight measurement equipment used in different sports. Today, TrackMan A/S is a world leader in ball flight and club data measurements and the company is considered to have set the industry standards for accuracy in golf. On the Gold Coast I feel we are very privileged to have the two top Trackman coaches in Australia, right on our doorsteps. My recommendation, for what it is worth, is if you are struggling with your game or you just want to get down to the next level, then do yourself a favour, invest a few hundred dollars in lessons with Richard or Joel and like me: be amazed at the results, the live feedback on numbers, graphs and comparisons against the average PGA tour standards. Side by side comparisons with how you are going in the current lesson against how you did last time. And finally but not least, slow motion or frame by frame video analysis of not only your swing, today but split screen comparisons against the current world's leading touring professionals: Scott, Woods, McIlroy and even against your former self from the last lesson!! For me it just doesn't get any better than this. If you like shiny objects AND you happen to play golf, then heaven starts at Carrara at KDV Sports. Did I mention that you also get a VIP card after your lesson which entitles you to a free bucket of balls following your lesson, and 50% off all subsequent buckets at  the Carrara Gardens driving range. Very good value. AGCP4503 This testimonial is totally voluntary on my part. I think value of this level is rare these days so I am happy to spread the word. Richard Woodhouse and Joel Mercieca can be contacted on 07 5596 0404 or through their website at