The new stars of the show at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast are the Ring-Tailed Lemurs. They are natives of Madagascar and made famous by the Madagascar movie franchise and their famous party piece, Move it, Move it. These animals have character. They are curious about the visitors and give you the "golden-eye" stare. They leap from tree to tree in the newly refurbished aviary, allowing them to roam over a large area both at your level and high in the tree tops. There were only two brothers two begin with but the plan is to bring in another 6 animals over the coming months. They share this large enclosure with 50 birds currently, though this number is expected to rise up to 150 once the imported exotic birds have cleared quarantine. There are other interesting creatures to see in the Lost Valley including Tamarind monkeys, Llamas, Tree kangaroos and Red Pandas and various reptiles. Even if you have been to the Sanctuary in the past, it is well worth while to visit this new exhibit area.