Portraits for Business

Headshots and Full Lengths


Business Portraiture images will usually end up being used for business cards, flyers, newsletters and other promotional material, real estate signboards, tradeshow displays, with company websites becoming the number one requested purpose.

Often web and graphic designers like the portrait to be on a clean all-white background, allowing them to easily make a cut-out of the person and apply a new background colour or image.

We have perfected a method to successfully achieve the perfect white background if that is what you need.

Portraits are usually shot in the studio though location shoots are also available either at your office or other venue. There will be an additional fee for out of studio shoots.

Images are usually supplied as high resolution jpegs or tiffs on CD or DVD. They can be supplied electronically either as email attachments (if file size is under 10Mb to suit most ISP’s) or through a free FTP service such as Dropbox.

Standard head shots

  • 15 minute photoshoot
  • Looking left and right
  • Formal or Casual
  • 3 – 4 images

Full options

  • 60 minute photoshoot
  • Head shots and Full length
  • Formal and Casual, 2 looks
  • 12 – 15 images

Standard female portrait enhancement including some skin softening. The left image is the original.

Portrait perfection is an extra cost which includes typical  skin softening, but also adds features like teeth whining, eye brightening, lip reddening and others as appropriate.  The left image is the original.