Product Photography

Good photos move more Products (Jakob Neilsen)
Hancock Guitars are hand-made on Mount Tamborine in the Gold Coast hinterland. Fine quality craftsmanship combined with high quality hand-picked timber from around the world combine to produce the acoustic quality demanded by some of the world's leading guitarists. Originally they had tried to do their own photography…a common trend these days…but finally they realised that the shiny curved surfaces made it too difficult for their level of photographic skill and equipment.
Do you need good quality photography of your products for
  • your website
  • for promotional material
  • for catalogues
  • for displays and packaging
  • ecommerce web use
  • technical manuals
We can deliver high quality images from only $25 each. We can deep etch those products to supply transparent backgrounds allowing you to place them onto any colour or background image (extra cost applies).
A delicious platter of AntiPasto from Bella Donna, a Southport Italian Restaurant. Yum!