Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS In plain English, the following terms and conditions apply to the use of all supplied images. LICENCES The images, whether high or low resolution digital files or prints, are licenced by the photographer to the client, either for a specific use or more usually for multiple purposes. This typically includes marketing, public relations, editorial and others and is not restricted by final artwork size from a small portrait on a business card up to a billboard. There might be a time restriction on the usage or a geographical location limitation. Please discuss your requirements in advance. The licence only comes into effect when the invoice has been paid, not on the supply of the images. Therefore please pay promptly to prevent any issues from occurring. COPYRIGHT Under current Australian Law the copyright and all moral rights to the image is owned by the photographer for commercial photography. The copyright can be transferred to the client by negotiation and payment of a suitable fee ( normally assessed at 7 times the Base Usage fee ).  State and Federal Government (in Australia) use requires the assignment of copyright to the relevant Department. This does not apply to Local Government. STOCK IMAGES We have several levels of use for stock images including Exclusive use (no one else can use that image for an agreed period) to Non-exclusive ( can be supplied to another client during the same period, but not someone in a similar industry or geographical location).